"Kim's artwork of Griffin really touched my heart.  When I hung it up on the wall, it felt like our house was whole again!  Griffin was a member of our family, and losing him was so hard.  I was amazed that Kim was able to sketch him so realistically.  It is beautiful!  Forever thankful for Kim and her talent.  We sure do miss our Griffin." - Alison Gilliam, Client/Pencil Drawing of her dog, Griffin


"I am so proud of the drawing Kim did of our grand dog, Apollo, which was done by Kim Perry.  Kim is amazingly talented and this drawing captures his personality perfect." - Cynthia Garrison, Client/Pencil Drawing of her Granddog, Apollo


"My BEAUTIFUL and AMAZINGLY TALENTED friend, Kim Perry, has truly made my heart happier today... She took one of our favorite pictures and made it even more special by creating a painting to hang in our home.  Look at this!!!  Scott was so surprised and loved his gift.  Thank you my friend!  We love you!" - Jennifer Dibona, Client/Commission/Oil Painting of Jennifer and Scott overlooking the Grand Canyon


"OMG, it's perfect!!!! Like this is amazing work!!!  Thank you so much." - Ashley Triche, Client/Oil Painting of her dog, Layla


"My amazingly talented sweet client painted our pups for us!  I love the paintings so much!  Thank you Kim, you are the best!!! - Amber Drake, Client/Oil Paintings of her bulldogs, Bacon and Bonnie


"I'm so excited, it's going to be perfect for my living room!  Oh my gosh, I have no words, It's so gorgeous!" - Lauren Fritz, Client/Floral Oil Painting


"I received a sketch of my yellow lab by Kim as an unexpected gifts from my parents.  Kim did a great job capturing Opal's personality and her eyes.  This is a sketch I have decided to hang in my office to enjoy.  I will always cherish this drawing, as so much of Opal is captured in Kim's detail.  If considering a sketch of your pet or family, I would highly recommend Kim to do the perfect job for you." - Joanna Futrell, Client/Pencil Drawing of her dog, Opal