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I'm Kim Perry

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Hey there, I'm Kim.

I'm an artist on a lifelong journey with creativity. From the colorful world of musical theatre to exploring various art forms, I've found my true passion in the strokes of a paintbrush.

Imagine this: quaint galleries in Kinsale, a moment that shook me to the core. A painting stole my words and changed my artistic path forever. That was the catalyst, the spark that ignited my love affair with oils on canvas.

Now, I'm a traditional painter, working primarily with oils and using a palette knife to add my own unique touch. I love that sweet spot where classic meets contemporary, creating pieces that are like a warm hug. My paintings? They're a love letter to Kentucky—friendly, confident, and inviting.

Kentucky itself is my inspiration. Bourbon, horse racing, those rolling hills—I paint what I love about this place. Each stroke tells a story of the sights and sounds that make Kentucky home. I am truly honored to create original paintings from the heart using an array of bright, intense colors. When you see that one special piece of art, I hope that it takes you to a place of peace and endless possibilities for your life.

But it's not just about my studio and me. You'll find me all over the Kentucky art scene, from live paintings at Buffalo Trace to diving into causes I'm passionate about. Let's connect, whether it's with fellow artists or anyone who shares my love for the things I paint.

Come step into my world, where art isn't just on canvas—it's a living, breathing part of life.

Kim is a juried member of the Oil Panters of America.