"Priscilla's Garden" is a series about second chances, restoration, and new beginnings.  My art journey began with the creation of 12 floral paintings for a beautiful organization called "Priscilla's Place", which is a faith based solution for those struggling with addiction.  As God placed it on my heart to create only floral paintings, they were doing a Bible study - "Graves into Gardens" at the exact same time that I began working on the flowers.

You see, I am no stranger to drug addiction.  I watched my precious brother-in-law be tormented with this disease that eventually took his life.  He was only 28 and I miss him every single day.  I wish he would have taken that first step in getting help.

Every time I create a floral painting, I am often reminded of the women of Priscilla's Place and their bravery and strength.  This organizaiton gives women that second chance they didn't think was possible!  I truly believe art is "the place God calls you to where your deep gladness and the world's deepest hunger meet." - Frederick Buechner