Bourbon Print "Blantons & The Cigar"



"Blantons & The Cigar" features bourbon and cigars in a captivating composition that celebrates the rich and sophisticated pleasures of life. The image is a harmonious blend of warm tones, while demonstrating a sense of craftsmanship.

Kim portrays the distinctive shape of the glass and the way the bourbon catches the light, evoking a sense of luxury and indulgence.  The composition invites viewers to savor the moment, encouraging them to appreciate the finer things in life, as well as embrace the artistry and experiences of the tradition of pairing both bourbon and cigars.

Framing options are available for an additional fee.

Two options are available for Prints:

Heavyweight Matte Archival Paper

Fine Art Satin Canvas Paper.

Available upon request: 18x24, Print to Canvas

Each print is signed by Kim Perry.

Please allow 3 days when ordering this print.

"I'd rather be someone's shot of Bourbon than everyone's cup of tea." - Anonymous

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