Bourbon Print "The Four Glencarins"



"The Four Glencairns" is an original oil painting by Kim Perry.  The artist skillfully brings to life the elegant simplicity of Glencairn glasses. The canvas is a symphony of warm tones and subtle reflections, capturing the essence of these iconic whiskey glasses in exquisite detail.

Light plays a crucial role in the composition, with highlights dancing along the edges of the glasses. The reflective surfaces of the Glencairn glasses capture the surrounding environment, suggesting a sophisticated setting, perhaps a cozy whiskey tasting room or a dimly lit study.  Overall, the painting is a celebration of the representation of togetherness, frozen in a moment of quiet sophistication and appreciation for the finer things in life.  

 Framing options are available for an additional fee.  

Two options are available for Prints:

Heavyweight Matte Archival Paper

Fine Art Satin Canvas Paper.

Available upon request: 18x24

Each print is signed by Kim Perry. 

Please allow 3 days when ordering this print.  

"I'd rather be someone's shot of Bourbon than everyone's cup of tea." - Anonymous