Original "A Morning with Golf"



"A Morning with Golf" is a Kim Perry original that captures a unique combination of elements - blue hydrangeas and golf books.   Surrounding the floral arrangement are golf books, carefully placed to add an intriguing twist to the composition.  The books hint at a passion for the love of the game and an appreciation for the sport's history and knowledge.   

Kim enjoys the calmness of the morning taking a moment to breathe in the essence of what the golf game represents.  She employs the lush texture and depth that oil paints offer to capture the play of light on the hydrangeas and the tactile quality of the books. The overall atmosphere is likely one of quiet sophistication, where one can find peace in the harmonious blend of natural beauty and intellectual pursuits.

"A Morning with Golf"

16" x 20"

This beautiful original piece by Kim Perry is now located at All About Kentucky in Paris, KY.

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Oil on Canvas

Gallery Wrapped Canvas/Ready to Hang

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